What we need for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team?

What FUT 16 really needs: 
1. Better connections, however it has to happen.
2. Fixed AI/ single player, it's literally impossible to win some games. Because of # 3
3. No more scripting/aids/bullshit. Anyone that says they don't exist are the ones taking advantage of them. I'm tired of my players running slower, passing worse, missing shots, just because they are better.
4. Less positions: if you play winger you should be able to be a winger on either side, if you are a midfielder you should be able to play CAM, CM, CDM if you play fullback you should be able to play LB or RB. Half the time they get the positions wrong anyways, and it would allow for more creativity in squads. (ST and CB are obvious) 
5. I liked what they did with WC mode in 14, where players from similar regions get a chem boost too.
6. Stricter penalties for coin traders. 1 strike and you're out. It's gotten really bad with this FUT to the point where if you don't buy fifa 16 coins you can't have the top 3-4 players in each league (at least)
7. This one is just FIFA in general, shorter cut scenes. It takes forever to play a game now because I have to watch a 30 second display every time something happens, I appreciate the attempt to make it look real, but I wanna be able to at least skip them.
8. No more "A button" defense. It's annoying and takes manual dribbling out of the game. FIFA 10 was so much fun when you could dribble and cut and cross up opponents, now you have to rely on the pre determined OP dribbling moves because all the 12 year olds are locked onto your player.

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