The daily quest concept - FUT 16 Idea

games like Hearthstone, GTA 5 and many others already have this
why not Fifa?
the idea behind this is, that everyone gets a random quest on his FUT account... one each day
you have to finish this quest to get the reward for it
each time, you've finished 7 quests in a row (1 week), you get a bigger reward (something like 1 pack or 10k)
I think something like this would make FUT a lot more interesting, rewarding and even more addictive than it is now... we would have to play a few games each day and everyone would log on and do them
it wouldn't be everything about "log on and play divisions again and again" for the whole year
it wouldn't break the market, as the rewards are pretty low, but it would still give players that don't trade much, 20-30k FUT16 coins a week to be able to afford better players
here are some examples what quests would look like:
I guess there are even more ways to make interesting quests that would give more variety to the game ^^ there could be hundreds of them

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