FIFA 16 Suggestions

Hey guys, a few more suggestions here:
Guaranteed untradeable player pack - I know these would be very expensive but it would be good if you could buy a pack where you are guaranteed an in-form, legend, TOTS etc. For people who have no pack luck to at least have some idea what you're getting. Make it untradeable so the market isn't flooded with loads of rare cards.
Skip replay option- Before you start an online match you and your opponent will be asked whether they want to skip all replays (you can still watch them at the end if you want). This would only happen if both players agreed.
Bring back double chance - Bring back happy hours where you have double the chance of getting an in-form etc.
Ultimate Team Friend Tourneys - An option in Ultimate Team to create a tournament with your friends, you choose the rules and stipulations. An entry fee and the winner gets the prize pot.
Varied Tournament rewards - More like the Green Keane Classic with varied rewards, e.g. players, packs,  buy FIFA 16 coins and also FIFA Points possibly i.e 500 FP for winning.
Virtual Pro UT - Now this is my favourite out of all my suggestions. The ability to take your pro into Ultimate Team. Start off low rated and level up to increase rating and stats. You choose the position and this can only be changed by position cards. Would have a perfect chemistry link in all teams. Obviously would be untradeable and you could buy boosts in the EAS FC catalogue to speed up the process. Performances in your Pro Career would also enhance your UT Pro but at a slower rate.
Do you agree? Have your say and suggestions below.

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